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Writing a Project Initiation Document - Communications Plan 8/13

01.Document Change History, Related Documents and Purpose
02.Project Scope Statement
03.Project Background
04.Project Definition
05.Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints
06.Business Case
07.Organisation and Governance
08.Communications Plan
09.Quality Plan
10.Initial Project Plan
11.Project Controls
12.Initial Risks and Issues Log
13.Initial RFC's, Open Questions, Training & Appendix
14.Getting A PID Approved

8.0 Communications Plan

I admit I find this section of the Project Initiation Document extremely bizarre. Yes in one way it demonstrates how you are planning on reporting upwards and downwards, but to insist on you detailing how often meetings will take place and with whom is ridiculous. One thing a Project Manager must have is flexibility to deliver the project. A vital aspect of this is how you manage your team and communicate both with them, as well as with the Business Stakeholders.

For example there will be times early in the ptoject where even weekly project team meetings aren't required. However later on in the project these might be required on a daily basis.

Anyway for the purposes of the document there are a couple of ways you can detail this section such as:

The Quick and Flexible Way

Frequent verbal communication will occur between:

  • The Project Manager and 3rd Party Project Managers
  • The Project Manager, Lead Architects and Team Leaders
  • The Project Manager and those resources that are involved in, or will benefit from, the project

Regular formal communication will take place as outlined below:

  • Project Management Reports will be completed on a weekly basis
  • Weekly project team meetings
  • Fortnightly supplier meetings
  • Weekly programme board meetings

The Long and Detailed Way

Groups/ Individuals involvedType of CommunicationFrequencyPurpose
Project Manager to Programme BoardProgramme Board MeetingWeekly Provide updates on progress of deliverables and risks and issues
Project Manager to Programme BoardPM ReportWeekly Discussion on key items from the Highlight Reports as required.
Project Manager and Workstream LeadsCheckpoint ReportWeekly dependent on tasks delivered Provide updates on progress of deliverables and risks and issues
Project Manager and Workstream LeadsTeam MeetingWeekly Review progress and status of risks and issues

Writing a Project Initiation Document - Communications Plan Tip

The former part of this Section which relates to Communication is one you can cut corners on. Simply look at some previous PID's which have been approved and copy in whatever they have written. There is absolutely no point in re-inventing the wheel.

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