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Some of the areas where we can help you include:

1.0 Business Change & Transformation Programmes

Building project teams as part of project consultancy The current recession is proving to be an optimum time for businesses to re-organise, restructure and essentially re-invent themselves. With reducing demand from their customer bases and increasing competition; it’s adapt or die. The problem is how to do it effectively. Too often this process is something which businesses rush into without any clear idea of both what is involved, nor what they hope to achieve from it, let along how to structure it.

This is where we at My PM Expert can help you. We have managed the delivery of numerous major Business Transformation programs and know exactly how to quickly get them off the ground, where the issues will lie and how to ensure you simply have to concentrate on what deliverables you require, rather than how to get them.

2.0 Project Audits

Project Audits to ensure the project is running smoothly Have you ever been in a situation where all project reports are in Green, and then seemingly overnight the majority go into Red? This happens all too often and leads to the "fight or flight" syndrome.

However a key way of ensuring you are not in this situation is having an independent third party come in and make an assessment of where the project or programmes are. This isn't a time consuming process for your team. With our experience we know exactly what to look for without inconveniencing or disrupting the natural running of your department. In fact in one recent engagement we were able to inform the CEO within 1 hour of receiving the programme documentation that the key global integration program was running seriously late, which would mean paying significant penalty fees to clients for late delivery.

3.0 Project Troubleshooting

Project Troubleshooting involving hands on intervention to successfully turnaround a failing delivery There are times where a Project or Program need a more hands on approach to turn it around. In this instance we provide interim senior level consultants who are able to hit the ground running, and quickly bring a delivery back on track. We also are adept at managing project teams as well as working closely with all the project stakeholders.

Lastly we ensure that we communicate closely with the all important Project Sponsors such as CFO or CMO.

4.0 Project Training and Coaching

Project Training and Coaching Project Management is one of those areas where having expertise in Soft Skills is a must. However too many organisations think this can be simply learned on the job. However this leads to very expensive mistakes being made, which could be prevented by having an ongoing training program for all those involved in delivering projects.

We deliver both one off workshops and also a yearly program consisting of one workshop a month. Employees who will benefit from this include:

  • CxO
  • Programme Managers
  • Project Managers
  • PMO Team
  • Project Sponsors
  • Business Stakeholders
  • Bringing new Promotions up to speed

We also provide 1 on 1 mentoring for those either newly appointed to senior positions, or those promoted upwards to ensure they can be effective in their new position faster.

5.0 Technology Startup Analysis

Technology Startup Analysis From our experience and work with technology startups, we are able to offer a service to investors, VC's or Private Equity of:
  • Analysising business cases
  • creating an effective delivery process for the product or service
  • Building a crack delivery team
  • Determining the supply chain
  • Online User Acquistion

6.0 Legal Project Management

Legal Project Management files Project Management is normally associated with Technology, Business Transformation or Construction. However with Legal Firms now rapidly encountering the same project resource management, reporting and risk management issues, we now provide consultancy in this area as well.

Our Clients

My PM Expert Client camelot and EuroMillions

My PM Expert Client Sky and BSkyB

My PM Expert Client Playtech

My PM Expert Client Three

My PM Expert Client NHS

My PM Expert Client SciPlay, global joint venture between Playtech & Scientific Games

My PM Expert Client BBC Worldwide and beeb

My PM Expert Client Energis

My PM Expert Client ITV

My PM Expert Client MTV

Client Recommendations

Camelot - National Lottery

“It is immediately apparent on meeting Susan that she knows her stuff. As a PM she is highly focussed on timeliness and quality of delivery and the results speak for themselves.”

Neil May - IT Auditor

“I have worked along side Susan at Camelot for over a year and in that time she has shown enormous determination and commitment to relaunch EuroMilions and deliver the new EuroMillionaire Raffle. In very difficult circumstances and against some of the most challenging timescales, she has managed to progress complex programmes with multiple business and technology streams while changing behaviour and established practices which inhibited or prevented her achieving the programme objectives. I would happily recommend Susan to deliver similar programmes and projects, especially if you need to move a few obstacles and challenge entrenched opinion

Ed Johnston - Programme Manager

“Susan is a very talented, driven and assertive professional who had the persistence and resilience to successfully deliver, on time, the first major gaming programme in Camelot's third licence period - a significant achievement!”

Nancy Chan - IT Audit Manager

“Susan is a very capable and highly organised project manager who oversaw the delivery of a signifcant commercial project within Camelot.”

Richard Bateson - Marketing Director

She not only delivered the project on schedule, which was heavily advertised nationally, but also delivered the project by generating a lot of enthusiasm within the people in the team. This ensured that she got people to work with her, where she bought out the best in people. One other observation on Susan's approach is that she was never afraid to get her hands dirty; she always got involved in the detail when necessary to push the project along, as opposed to just delegating from a high level. I hope to work with Susan again in my career.”

Jayesh Panchmatia - Business Analyst


“Susan succeeded in delivering Sky’s strategic web platform on time and on budget despite a host of significant technical and logistical challenges. She is an extremely motivated and determined programme manager and I would be happy to work with her again.”

Paul Cahill-Britton - Acting Head of Infrastructure Design & Development

“Susan worked in the New Media area at Sky delivering a whole online platform and the first Mobile application Sky had developed. She had extremely aggressive timelines to achieve and some less than helpful colleagues. She demonstrated total persistance and determination and delivered both projects on time and budget.”

Mike Sturrock - Programme Manager

“Susan was given a very difficult role to deliver the infrastructure required by the new media platform in a time scale which had been deemed by the internal infrastructure teams to be impossible. She achieved the deadline and delivered a viable platform for the applications to work on. My role in the PMO was to ensure that the job was of sufficient quality to be judged as fit for purpose which I felt was achieved despite of the considerable time pressures. This was due to the determination of Susan. She showed herself to be technically competant and capable of working under sustained high pressure.”

David Norris - Project Management Office

BHR Hospitals Trust (NHS)

“Susan is a highly competent and skilled Programme Manager and has first class communication skills. Her work at BHR Hospitals was particularly challenging given the resourcing difficulties that she experienced at the Trust, but nevertheless her professionalism, enthusiasm and determination shone through.”

Andy Coates - Programme Manager IMS Maxims

“Susan joined our Business Solutions team, taking over the management of a floundering Technology & Business Change programme. She is a great asset to our team - bringing a new approach to project management that has been of particular benefit to the more junior members of our team. Her input put the programme back on track. I would recommend her as a valuable project resource.”

Kelly Paige - Project Manager

Carphone Warehouse

“Susan and I worked together on a systems implementation programme within the Carphone Warehouse. During that time I regarded Susan as being knowledgeable, highly motivated and determined to succeed. A pleasure to work with.”

Paul Thorley - Programme Manager

“Susan is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively.

On the interpersonal side, Susan has superior written and verbal communication skills. She gets along extremely well with staff under her supervision, as well as colleagues at her own level. She is highly respected, as both a person and a professional, by colleagues, employees, suppliers, and customers alike.

Amol Shah - Business Analyst

Homechoice (Tiscali)

“Susan and I worked together on a high profile National Rollout Programme for Homechoice (Video Networks Ltd.). Susan demonstrated throughout her time at Homechoice, very strong leadership and management skills, great attention to detail and outstanding communication skills. She is a very talented Programme Manager and executes to plan and budget accurately.

Ruth Williams - Business Integration Manager


“Susan's background is very varied and the experience is evident both in the way that she conducts herself and her high level of commercial acumen. She also has a very strong "can do" attitude".”

Chris Redmond - IBM Estate Programme Manager

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